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Our Public Service Accomplishments 

Windowmaster is one of many patrons of Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government and the National Public Policy Reasearch Institute. In 1983, a group of martial artist practicing in the mid-atlantic area got together to offer personal and property protection courses in modular form. Within five years of running workshops and classes for law enforcement, custodial personnel, and other professionals, the organization was reformed with the purpose of bringing attention to the National Road by way of film.

Within several years of formation, the organization evolved into the National Public Policy Research Institute—a 501c3 organization—which sought solutions to the economic problems during the recessionary period between 1990 to 1995. As it now stands, our organization is comprised of individuals who are masters in their fields. Our subscription list is comprised of some of the most influential people who live in the Maryland area. Publish and distribute the Maryland Economic Plan for the 21st Century to various members of the Maryland General Assembly and key persons interested in state economic development. We have had the pleasure of seeing many of the 38 projects mentioned become reality for the good of the Maryland citizenry. Initiated in 1996; distributed in 1997-98; amended in 2000.
Publish US Navy Disposable Vessels, Issues 1 and 2. This unique publication was initiated to provide our Federal and State legislators and the general public a guide to vessels that were ready to be disposed of and specific details to aid the steel-scrapping industry. Published last in 2000.
Affect change in Maryland's government positively and economically, making various branches more cost-effective as well as consumer-friendly. Agencies include the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, State Economic Development agency, Maryland State District Court system and Maryland State Penal system
Procure and donate artifacts and archival material for public use. Donate rare publications and photos to the Naval Institute at the United States Naval Academy. Donated rare photos are currently on display at the United State Naval Academy in Annapolis. Donate informational material to the United States Coast Guard. For public display, we have donated museum-glazed and attractively matted rare photos of vessels having the same names as the respective states and municipalities.
Support boating safety through media production and assistance within the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Donate lifesaving equipment to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Analyze economic data concerning Maryland state tourism and general economic development; organize and present material relative to water inundation.
Make inventory of artifacts at the War Memorial Building in Baltimore, Maryland.
Assist by research and dissemination of materials, the promotion of solar and other alternatives to fossil fuel use.
This is a sampling of our accomplishments. For specifics regarding any of the above and much more, please contact us today!