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About Us

Here's why you should choose Windowmaster:

Windowmaster carpenters and masons are masters, journeymen, or supervised journeymen/apprentices. All work is guaranteed for a specific period of time, and all warranties run with the land.

Windowmaster repairs and buys more residential windows and doors than any other company in the area. Thus we have lower prices and better manufacturing service. To date, we have served 15,000 central Maryland residents. Our company maintains a lower overhead through a modest advertising budget. Half of Windowmaster customers are referred. 

The disabled and elderly and others on fixed income receive a 10% discount. Government and publicly supported institutions receive a 10% discount.

We will beat any competent bona fide price for a comparable product...

Although the home improvement warehouses offer low prices for their materials and installations, those in our area, at this point, provide less quality in product and installation than is standard to the hand trade. When dealing with these warehouses, you will rarely get a home improvement license number because their labor is always in flux. They strive to pay as little as possible for the best possible skill, which is always difficult.

In addition, when you purchase products from the home improvement warehouses, you are not assured of getting proper warranty protections. They buy in volume from specific manufacturers. Manufacturers go in and out of business. If your windows were bought from a particular manufacturer or a manufacturer of windows or doors that are not carried any more, you will be given an excuse for their not performing warranty service. By contrast, Windowmaster stands behind the guarantee and warranty of the manufacturer and will enforce them.

Most companies that advertise the repair of windows do not actually repair windows but will merely attempt to sell you new ones. Windowmaster has over 40 years of experience repairing and replacing windows and doors; thus, we know the best replacement windows and doors for your particular purpose. 

The disabled and elderly and others on fixed income receive a 10% discount. Government and publicly supported institutions receive a 10% discount.

All warranties provide maintenance advice. Let's talk a little bit about our apprenticeship program. Since 1965, our apprenticeship program has graduated dozens of tradesmen. Very often, these individuals have come from a disadvantaged environmental situation and the training they received with Windowmaster has made them constructive members of the community. We have a stated preference in our subcontracting and apprenticeship program for veterans. We are a certified Maryland State apprenticeship and training program. We are female-majority owned. We are an equal-opportunity contractor.

All Windowmaster associates are under contract. Once applied to a job site, they can be accessed for future work only by agreement with Windowmaster.

All products installed are warranted. However, because we install only the best products for our clients, we rarely get a service call. We will enforce the manufacturers' warranties for the benefit of our clients.

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